Novel: Virtue Chasm

Ashley’s first manuscript, Virtue Chasm, will be published in 2020.

Withdrawing Men rend the nation in two, so Women are free to govern with the epitome of feminine qualities.

Years later, Freida grows up in the idyllic commune called PureFem. She maintains males should be treated as second-class citizens to atone for their past of abuses to females, but sometimes wavers for her brother Cecil. Is this love and fairness?

PureFem is a scary place when Men attack from Marside. The Women can only use Fight Knights to defend themselves. Is this how Men show honesty and strength?

After Cecil’s Choosing Ceremony, Freida’s loyalty is tested. On her trek through the divided nation- full of questionable rules, lies, and technology she doesn’t understand- she foresees the alarming future if neither flawed side is able to save itself.

Nothing about her upbringing prepared her to be betrayed, deceived, exiled, or used. Yet only she asks, “Do Women and Men need to be enemies?”