2016 Goals: April Update

The writing highlight of April was the book signing. My fellow authors and editor of the Western Maryland Writers Group 2015 Anthology dressed up to complement our short stories. We each introduced our pieces and did a brief reading. Questions from the audience followed, and everyone seemed to have a great time. Many thanks to the Hagerstown Public Library for the event.

Author Ashley Crookham book signing April 2016

My story for the 2016 Anthology is writing itself. I have been privileged to give feedback to other contributors this year, and I feel sure this book will be a great read.

Love, Ashley (Crookham)

2016 Goals: March Update

Author Ashley Crookham's cat

Editing is still underway for Gender Chasm. I’ve been getting useful and positive feedback from members of my writer’s group. Here is a quote they enjoyed:

“…Our storage barn is a carcass of wooden bones and peeling paint. Sunbeams above the red tin roof glow like a flashlight inside a cheek…”

For the next week and a half, I’ll need to practice reading for the Book Signing on April 20th. My business cards are in, and I can’t wait to share this with my fellow authors and editor. I’m especially looking forward to the theatrics of Dr. Dale Grove.

My focus for the rest of April is to put together the first draft of my Fairy Tale for the 2016 Anthology. What are some of your favorite fantasy stories from childhood?


Love, Ashley (Crookham)

2016 Goals: February Update

I am behind on my goals, even with a leap day added into the year.  My new plan is to set more rigid deadlines for my editing schedule.


November goal: write 50,000 words
December goal: finish writing book to The End
January goals: go back to each chapter and add setting, change a bit of story line I want to add post-writing, and fill in gaps where I wrote “Fix”
X Fast Pencil printing of manuscript <-the code I received from NaNoWriMo did not work, and my request for support e-mail was never returned. This was a huge disappointment, especially since I spent so much time uploading my chapters.
headshots with Brandon Shane Warren Photography
February goals: polish words choices, make lists of character descriptions to make sure they are cohesive/ not overused, submit short story to Dragonfly contest  http://www.wearehopeworks.org/dragonfly/, try out AutoCrit
March goals: ready for publishing, send to first publisher, outline fairy tale short story project for anthology
April goal: Camp Nano. write fairy tale short story
May goal: edit fairy tale short story
June goal: outline short story for contest of choice. send novel to second publisher if have not yet heard back from first
July: Camp Nano. write contest short story
August: edit contest short story
Sept: prep short story for publish
Oct: outline my next novel. self publish first novel if have not heard back from two attempts at publishers
November: Nanowrimo write 50,000 words of novel #2
December: finish novel #2 to The End. market first Novel

Love, Ashley (Crookham)


Anthology Signing 2016- Save the Date

Author Ashley Crookham, writer's cat
life of a writer’s cat

Save the date!

When: April 20th, 2016 at 5:30PM.

Where: Washington County Library in Hagerstown

On this Wednesday night, the authors and editor of the “Western Maryland Anthology 2015” will do readings and answer questions about their latest collection of short stories. There will be a raffle for a free copy of the book. They hope you come, and bring a friend.


Dr. Dale Grove’s book signing

Ashley Crookham author with Dale Grove book signing

“On Dec. 5th from 1pm to 4pm author Dale Grove was at The Fine Arts Company signing copies of his book Loose Strings, a romantic science fantasy novel. Dr. Dale A. Grove is a product developer by day and a writer by night. He has a vivid imagination in creating new products and stories, and he has worked at such firms as Owens Corning, Johns Manville, LNP Engineering Plastic, and US Silica. Dr. Grove holds over ten US patents.”- quoted from https://whatsnxt.com/event/science-fiction-author-dr-dale-grove-book-signing

Ashley picked up a signed copy of Dale’s latest book to add to her collection by the author. Check out this prolific writer, a member of the Western Maryland Writers Group, at: