5 by 3

A friend recently asked how my writing is going and I admitted I’ve got multiple projects in mind.

Typically when I’m writing I have one binder to contain all my planning.

These days I get thoughts about different stories throughout the day. My purse can’t hold 5 binders. So I’m trying something new.

Index cards.


The benefits of index cards are that they can be lined and contain a short idea or more complicated concept. They can be easily shuffled and reorganized as I make decisions on plot. I can use headings or not, when I choose.

The best part of all is that I have tabs for each rough draft and I keep them in one stack I can carry with me easily.


Before this, I had mini notepads for each potential book and the notes were in no order and drove me crazy. I’ve been loving the fluid nature of this planning method and the portability.


What do you use when you have more than one undertaking in the works?

Author: ashleycrookham

Some of Ashley’s favorite experiences in life have been reading books. Others were inspired by reading books. As a wordsmith and novelist, she creates experiences for her readers.

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