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Author Ashley Crookham first interview




Friends on Facebook will already know I had my first author interview for Virtue Chasm on 28th April 2020.

This interview would not have been possible, most likely, without the Covid-19 situation since the 4th grade teacher in Colorado invited me via Zoom to enhance her online lesson.

The students were excited. They wanted to know what I read at their age, when I decided to become an author, and how I get inspired.

I gave them an outline to the story creating process. I even did a reading of part of the first chapter. After it was over, the teacher told me three of her students proclaimed they wanted to be writers as well.

They inspired me to keep working and to realize how lucky I am to be on the other side of the publishing process.


Something not possible with the Covid-19 situation is a typical book launch. With my background in activities, putting together such an event seems easier to me than a virtual book launch, but I read an article that made it seem more feasible:

How to host a virtual book launch

The article showed me I have experience with Zoom and reading my book aloud, so perhaps I could still promote my book while social distancing.


What do you think? Should I pursue an event for Virtue Chasm online? If so, what would you like to see as a giveaway there?


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Some of Ashley’s favorite experiences in life have been reading books. Others were inspired by reading books. As a wordsmith and novelist, she creates experiences for her readers.

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