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Why I Can’t Write About What I’m Writing About

When a writer comes up with a story idea, they want to share it just as they would good news about love, work, or family. However there are very good reasons not to tell others. To prevent anyone feeling rebuffed, here a few reason I feel I shouldn’t write about what I’m writing about:

  1. You may have questions I don’t know the answers to yet. I want you to be excited, not inquisitive, and avoiding the subject until every detail is set can prevent unwanted queries.
  2. You might influence the writing. You may give feedback that leads me down a path that would not have been as good as the one I would have carved for myself. Feedback can feel refreshing during creating but can also plant doubt that I’m not good enough to think the idea through on my own.
  3. When you read it, I want you to experience it afresh. If I’ve given you information about it beforehand you will have notions going into it and not be able to give feedback as if you were a reader picking it up off a shelf.
  4. Not telling you will make me want to finish the story. Planning, writing, editing, post-editing, and preparing to publish are all intense processeds. Knowing I will not get to share the story idea I’ve found so important I put the effort into it unless I do my best and complete it all will give me motivation.

These are my thoughts, and the reason I held back on plans after an engagement and a child’s name before she was born.

What are your thoughts on telling a story before it is complete?



Kwerky Review


While editing “Elaty Riaf”, I used the Querkywriter keyboard someone had given to me as a gift. Here are my observations:


  1. attractive
  2. keys make a nice clacking sound
  3. easy to use wirelessly with your computer
  4. you can sit things in the ledge at the top (such as photos to keep you motivated or notes to keep you oriented)
  5. reminds me of typing on my mother’s old typewriter as a child


  1. a bit high up for my wrists to sit comfortably
  2. the shift button got stuck constantly, making edits more laborious
  3. numbers are along the top only

Overall, I would not have bought this for myself and I prefer to use a wider, lower, quieter keyboard. The faulty shift key was not compensated for by the attractive typewriter appearance. I am glad I got a chance to make an informed decision about this product.

Have you used this before? Something similar? What did you think?


Note: The Western Maryland Writers Group Fairy Tale Anthology with the “Elaty Riaf” short story is out. Get it in print, or on your kindle.

Author Ashley Crookham sunray

We began dating 11/23/2005. I was still a teenage. We got married, got separated. Our divorce came through exactly 11 years later.


Since my short story “Elaty Riaf” dealt with this subject, I thought I’d write a brief post about my experience.


Divorce is the abortion of marriage. It’s a choice and will cause you to doubt yourself. There is power in the choice you may wish you didn’t have.

For us the cause was that he needed to be on his own, and, afterwards, I needed to not take him back. We both could have tried harder to find another way. But we failed. Together.


There are few comparable situations in which you have the chance to discover so much about you. The uncertainty of the future, the depth of pain from the past, what you are capable of, what you don’t want to endure.


What I’ve learned is that you should not be with someone who comes to you looking for something, but instead commit yourself to someone who found something in you.


Love, Ashley (Crookham)