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I’ve decided to take a hiatus from writing until after this baby is born.

Author Ashley Crookham baby belly






Writing while pregnant, with two small children, and a Monday-Friday job goes mostly like this:

  • waking up early on weekends and thinking of ways I can do things efficiently so that I “make sure” to not need to use their nap for non-writing related activities
  • feeling guilty for wanting to write instead of getting caught up around the house or perhaps resting as I should for the unborn baby
  • doing too much around the house and not enough just spending time with the kids so I can “earn” my writing time
  • using their nap (if they nap that day) to finish up other things or get ahead for dinner anyway, saying I will write when they wake up
  • not writing
  • not being able to sleep since I didn’t get enough done, rest enough, play enough, or write
  • repeat

This is our last baby and I want to take the time to appreciate the changes in our family.

If I do have unexpected time I will devote it to marketing and website improvements. I also want to read for enjoyment and perhaps to learn things I can use in future stories.

Author Ashley Crookham writing in the woods

Have you ever taken a writing hiatus? If so, was it a positive decision?


Author: ashleycrookham

Some of Ashley’s favorite experiences in life have been reading books. Others were inspired by reading books. As a wordsmith and novelist, she creates experiences for her readers.

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