How to Sell Your Book on Amazon

As when I begin most research, in order to learn how to self-publish I went to my library and searched for books on the topic. Sell Your Book on Amazon came up, and I placed a hold. When I picked it up I was startled to find out this book was 13 years old, but read it anyway. Most of the tips I chose to believe are antiquated, but it sprung me in the direction of signing up as an Amazon author. For that I am grateful.

Learning to self-publish on KDP is not difficult. You can invest as much time as you like to become successful.

Seeing e-mails from Amazon referring to me as published never get old. That’s not the only reason I self-published. I spent a lot of time researching publishers and could not find one “perfect” for my book. By publishing through KDP I didn’t have to sacrifice anything. Some publishers asked for me to take out the adult content. Most wanted me to expand the book to 80K words. I didn’t look forward to negotiate contracts. Plus, I love to learn and the process of publishing and marketing my book keeps me challenged.

My biggest gains from this publishing adventure since April have been:

1. establishing a brand across your social medias

2. writing a book description that gives your reader everything they need

3. creating a meaningful book cover

4. keeping the marketing going. Something new I want to try are book mock ups thanks to this PlaceIt article


If you’ve written and considered publishing, what valuable answers have you sought or found?

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Some of Ashley’s favorite experiences in life have been reading books. Others were inspired by reading books. As a wordsmith and novelist, she creates experiences for her readers.

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